Website maintenance means regularly checking the website for vulnerabilities and errors and keeping it new and fresh. You should do this on a regular basis to keep your website healthy, improve SEO and increase consistent traffic.

Your website works just like any other motorized vehicle – if you skip a regular oil change, its performance will drop until the engine finally stops working completely. Don’t let this happen to your website, especially considering how much money and effort you have invested in it. Your website developers and hosting environment should take into account everything shown below.

By keeping your website well-maintained and attractive, you will attract the interest of your future potential customers, whether large or small companies. Companies of all sizes often overlook some very important details, or simply do not consider them important and ignore them.

Website maintenance can easily become one of these things, as it does not always cause immediate problems. However, like your health, skipping regular check-ups can be detrimental to the health of your website.

At the same time, constant monitoring of websites is necessary for the smooth operation of your business.

Steps needed to maintain a website?

Here is a list of actions that should help your website run more smoothly. The most important of these are security updates. Without them, your website is actually at risk from those who click on it.

Here are the tasks needed to maintain the website and be completed regularly.


⦁ Check that all your pages load correctly and without errors
⦁ Back up your backup and make sure that the previous version of your site is saved
⦁ Update the website software and plug-ins
⦁ Make sure all your forms work correctly
⦁ Remove all spam comments from your pages and posts
⦁ Make sure your page doesn’t have broken links
⦁ Are there 404 errors on your page that should be corrected and redirected
⦁ Write one or more posts on your blog to encourage your SEO traffic


⦁ Check the loading speed of your website and make sure that nothing slows it down
⦁ Review your security scans and make sure everything is in place
⦁ Analyze the previous month’s statistics for your website
⦁ Check your blog for articles that should be updated


⦁ Review the design and structure of your website and see if any changes can be made
⦁ Check graphics and images. Maybe you should upgrade something there?
⦁ Review your SEO and titles and meta descriptions to make them as effective as possible
⦁ Test and customize pop-ups, forms, and action calls
⦁ Review your workload for efficiency and see if you can automate anything
⦁ Check if your homepage is displayed correctly on all devices
⦁ Review your advertising and marketing campaigns to see if anything needs updating and modification
⦁ Restore the previous version of the website to check the backup status
Every year
⦁ Update references to the current year
⦁ Review each page for content accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevance
⦁ Check active email addresses and see if there are too many of them and if they can be deleted
⦁ Make sure your domain name is up to date
⦁ Consider whether a website design update is required
⦁ Review all your most valuable articles to see if any of them can be updated with new content

As you can see from the list provided, website maintenance must be a big and consistent part of your business. If you are not able to implement it properly, it can cause serious problems and setbacks to the potential growth of your business.

This is especially true for large sites with hundreds or even thousands of pages.
Through the introduction of website creation tools, websites grow step by step every year.
While it’s easy to add different pages to most sites, keeping these pages regular is a different matter. All in all, you need to be aware of how your websites work.

Why is website maintenance so important to you?

Many start-ups already have many different tasks on their toes, without having to worry about the condition of the website. It is very tempting to buy your own domain name, to create content for something temporary, to worry about it at a later stage. There are many different reasons why this is not exactly the best idea. Maintaining a current, healthy and active website is important to you for a number of different reasons.


The idea of starting a whole company is to have customers, consumers or a target group. You need to update it regularly to drive continuous traffic to your site.

Google treats websites that have the most value and up-to-date information for search engine results pages. If they suspect that you have not recently updated your website or that it may have been damaged by some malware, they may even de-index your website. You need to keep your website up to date with current content, press releases, keywords, and various articles to get it the best possible position on the results page.

Regular website updates are an invaluable SEO strategy.

Customer Engagement

Retaining these potential customers is extremely important when driving traffic to your website. If they haven’t been able to find something that interests them – new information, important content – there’s a good chance that they’ll quickly lose interest in you altogether. In order for your website to be a useful tool, you need to make sure that it is free of typos, grammar problems, and has everything the user needs, while also looking compelling.


This is the one and only most important reason to keep website maintenance on your horizon, especially if your website stores some form of sensitive information. If you use a platform like WordPress to build websites, you need to make sure that you regularly install software updates and security plug-ins.

Company Imago

Creating well and professionally designed websites is becoming easier every day. You should always expect professional results from professional companies. When websites don’t live up to your expectations, customers often move on to another company that can offer them everything as expected.

Your Satisfaction

Having your own website is an extremely important element of your business. If it is updated and runs smoothly, it can be an extremely effective tool. If your website is not in good working order, it can cost you money in the end. If you are running out of time with website maintenance, getting back on track can be a very difficult process.

Keep up with Design and Technology Trends

The more prominent your website is, the more you convince your potential customers that you are the right choice for them. If you install software updates regularly, you can take advantage of the features that are installed with the updates.

How Much Does a Website Maintenance Cost?

It mainly depends on the expectations of the customers for whom your website will be used, the size of your target audience and how much content will be added to your website. The different pricing solutions are listed below.

Small Personal Blog

A small personal blog usually doesn’t have a lot of traffic and has very little demands. It can be hosted either on the Google Blogger blogging page at no cost, or using the WordPress platform, which comes with a minimum monthly cost of renewing the domain name and hosting.

Large Audience Medium Size and Active Blog

If you have a blog that monetizes you with an active audience, you’ll probably want to be a host yourself with some customizations. This requires more frequent maintenance, updates, marketing and backup, and a slightly higher financial investment.

Website of a Company Created for Marketing Purposes

Like a medium-sized blog, it needs self-hosting with a simple design template and limited content.

Large Custom E-Commerce Solutions

This is already a bigger financial investment, as you need to be more vigilant about maintenance than ever before for this type of project. Processing requires a large amount of content, important lines of code, and even customer data. If you don’t happen to have a personal IT team, we recommend that you look for the right maintenance package to keep up with the needs of your website.

Custom Web Application

This will be your biggest financial investment. Your web application was built from scratch and designed with the specific purpose of being in perfect condition or your business could actually be damaged. It definitely needs a team of dedicated developers to keep a close eye on the maintenance of the website.


Like any other business tool, your website needs regular updates and maintenance. Different industries are constantly changing and for your website to keep up with it, it needs to look more modern than ever. Setting up a website based on these parameters will make it work as smooth gears throughout the clock.


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