While your business niche usually determines which plugins are right for you, there are some standard and universal WordPress plugins that are necessary for any type of website to improve security, speed, and SEO.

There are over 55,000 WordPress plug-ins available on the Internet for a variety of purposes, so you may not always know which one is best for your business site.

To make things a little easier for you, we bring out some of the best plugins that are used, for example, to improve SEO, social media, backup, website speed.

WordPress plugins are good tools for improving the functionality of your WordPress website. Here are some WordPress plugins that your WordPress website might have.

1. SEO and indexing

  • Yoast SEO

Search engines are without a doubt one of the biggest sources of traffic to any website. The number of internet users using search engines is growing at a remarkable rate, which is why search engine optimization of your website is more important than ever. Fortunately, there is a WordPress plug-in available on the Internet such as “Yoast SEO” that makes optimizing your website extremely important.

Yoast SEO is an impressive plugin that will guide you to creating the best content and help you improve your position in search engines. It focuses on creating content that benefits users while being technically SEO friendly. It aims to help users gain credibility and maintain their position on the results page.

Among other things, Yoast SEO makes it easy to index pages on your site, which you can read more about here….

2. Security

  • Wordfence

As a website owner, one of the most critical things is to keep your site safe from hackers. This is something you can’t ignore. There can be thousands of malicious robots on the web that can attack your website at any time and quickly destroy all your work. That’s why you should always prevent spam and keep your website secure.

There are many different WordPress plugins available online to keep your site secure.

Wordfence Security is one you can count on. The plugin has firewall protection, malware scanning, blocking, login security and real-time traffic monitoring. Real-time traffic monitoring ensures that you are aware of all the risks involved and take immediate action to eliminate them.

The blocking feature blocks all known attackers, or malicious networks, that can harm your site. To increase login security, it introduces two-factor authentication while checking the strength of all user and administrator passwords.

3. Website analysis

  • MonsterInsights

Google Analytics is a great free statistical tool for understanding website traffic. Understanding your target audience is the best way to increase traffic to your website. Therefore, the obvious choice is to use the Google Analytics Plugin on your WordPress website, and the MonsterInsights Google Analytics tool is the best for it.

The plug-in allows you to track a variety of real-time statistics about your website. In addition, this plug-in for e-commerce is ready. This means you can track your product’s popularity, conversion rates, and order values.

Other advanced plug-in features allow you to track download numbers, outbound link tracking, event and performance tracking, user discovery reports, and more.

4. Website Optimization and Speed

  • WP Smush

A good loading speed and a powerful website is something that every user dreams of on their site. You need to make sure that your website loads as fast as possible.

The following plugins for improving and optimizing your website speed can be a great help for you.

Images are a great tool for your posts and pages that easily grab users’ attention. Uploading images can bring you the message you need many times faster than any text. Images make your page attractive and eye-catching.

While images make your site users eye-catching, they also unfortunately take up a lot of storage space and make your website significantly slower. However, plugins designed to reduce images will help you with this.

The WP Smush plug-in helps you reduce and optimize your images without compromising the quality of your images. This automatically shrinks the files you add, although you can also optimize them manually from the WordPress desktop.

  • WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a good tool for cleaning your WordPress database and optimizing WordPress. It automatically removes all unnecessary data from WordPress without any manual commands. WP-Optimize always keeps your database optimized and in top condition.

5. Backup

  • VaultPress

VaultPress is a security-oriented plug-in designed to automatically back up your site data in real time. The theme that runs on Jetpack easily syncs every content, post, comment, and media file on your website, and provides additional security for a number of upcoming issues and attacks.

VaultPress allows you to make optimized backups on a regular basis and restore your website in just seconds. In addition, you can constantly monitor, back up and manage multiple websites from a single simple desktop.

This application scans and detects all dangerous files on your website and notifies the administrator by e-mail.

The plug-in also comes with strong spam protection. With Akismet support, you can easily use it as an anti-spam tool, preventing any problems caused by spam.

6. E-Commerce

  • WooCommerce

E-Shops and e-commerce platforms are the largest websites available on the Internet. That’s why e-commerce plug-ins are so freely available to you. The following plug-ins will be of great help to you in e-shops.

WooCommerce is one of the best plugins if you are interested in adding a product to your site. It has many different features that will help your business grow as an online store. If you own a website, you will inevitably have to sell a product or service there sooner or later.

Through the e-store and the woocommerce plugin, you can offer your customers many different options. For example, WooCommerce offers you a number of shipping options, including free shipping, pick-up, flat rate shipping, and more.

In addition, it has a number of different payment options for customers. Payments can be made by check, cash, credit / debit card, as well as PayPal. It is an application that is highly valued by users worldwide.

7. Building websites

  • Elementor

As a plug-in created in 2016, Elementor is one of the youngest applications used for websites. However, regardless of its youth, the number of Elementor downloads in WordPress has already exceeded 3,000,000, making it the most popular plugin for building pages today.

You can’t get over or over with a tool like SEMRush. SEMRush is an all-in-one toolkit for internet marketers and website owners. It comes with powerful tools to help you improve your SEO, PPC strategy, social media and content.

However, it also helps you do a competitive analysis of your competitors so that you can outperform them in your industry.

It lets you do keyword research, do competitive analysis, discover the best-performing posts and pages on social media, conduct advertising strategy analyzes, and more.

In addition, there are a number of different daily plug-ins that can’t be said to be much better than the other, but it’s up to users to decide which one is best for them.

Contact forms

  • WPForms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Formidable Forms
  • Ninja Forms

Login / Registration

  • User Registration
  • Ultimate Member
  • Profile Builder
  • Profile Press
  • RegistrationMagic

Of course, in addition to the above, there are many other great plugins for creating different forms.

Depending on your industry, you may not need all of the plug-ins listed, but most likely you will inevitably use them sooner or later.


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